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Happy Thanksgiving Songs 2019 – Best 20 Thanksgiving Songs For Kids, Toddlers & Family

Happy Thanksgiving Songs 2019 : Most of the people like the month of November and December, according to them this is the favorite time of the year, especially for those who lived up in the mid-west of the USA and people could enjoy all the colors of the trees as they began the process of shedding leaves for the winter season. It reminds to all that it is soon to be Thanksgiving holiday. Truly, for the Christian, every day should be a time for thanksgiving and praises to God for all He has done for us. Along with this time of year, our team brings out special songs of thanksgiving that we have been singing for years and years. In this article, our team has selected the twenty best Thanksgiving songs for you.



Thanksgiving Songs 2019 | Funny Thanksgiving Songs 2019 | Kids Thanksgiving Songs 2019 

When Thanksgiving rolls around every November, people across the country gather and round a food-covered table with family or friends and chosen family to reflect on their blessings and give thanks. While eating the food or after the dinner, they play songs and enjoy. So people search for the Thanksgiving songs. Here is the list of some songs that can be played at the house on Thanksgiving. Some about being thankful, some about family, some about food, and some that just ‘feel’ right for the holiday. We have the list of 20 songs in which you will get the different type of songs like Thanksgiving songs for kids, Thanksgiving songs for toddlers, funny Thanksgiving songs, children’s Thanksgiving songs, Thanksgiving worship songs etc.


Thanksgiving song

Thanksgiving song


Thanksgiving songs Images

Thanksgiving songs Images


Thanksgiving songs picturesThanksgiving songs pictures

Thanksgiving songs pictures



Happy Thanksgiving Song | Thanksgiving Songs Videos | Thanksgiving Songs Images

Thanksgiving isn’t actually about eating so much food you feel sick and falling asleep afterward to football. We all know what it’s really about. Thanksgiving is the time for everyone you care about to come together and be thankful for what you have in your life. Naturally, music should be very high on everyone’s thankful list as it is something many people cannot live without it. Sadly, there aren’t many songs specifically about Thanksgiving, but there are many songs that encompass what Thanksgiving is all about. Below is the list of songs about Thanksgiving. Hope you will enjoy these songs.


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1.Food Glorious Food – Songs About Thanksgiving


2. Count Your Blessings – Songs of Thanksgiving


3. Thanksgiving Song – I Love To Praise by Natalie Grant


4. Thanksgiving Prayer – Thanksgiving Worship Songs


5.The Thanksgiving Song – Songs For Thanksgiving


6. Thanksgiving Song – My Favorite Things by Julie Andrews


7. Adam Sandler Thanksgiving Song


8. We Gather Together – Celtic Spirits Thanksgiving Songs


9. I Am Thankful – Happy Thanksgiving Song


10. Jimmy Fallon Thanksgiving Songs


Thanksgiving Songs For kids | Thanksgiving Songs For Toddlers | Thanksgiving Songs Preschool

Thanksgiving is a special holiday in the sense that it brings family members together and teaches us the spirit of giving thanks for the blessings that we have received throughout the year. For the kids, it is a wonderful holiday as it offers them the chance to meet up with family members that they usually don’t see very often and to enjoy a delicious meal in the end. However, if you are to truly teach your kids the right spirit of this holiday then the best way to do it is with Thanksgiving songs for kids. Such songs provide the kids a chance to learn about Thanksgiving in a fun and easy way. Below we have arranged a list of Thanksgiving songs for kids that you can play for them at this year’s Thanksgiving.


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1. Funny Thanksgiving Songs – Thanksgiving Overture


2. Thank You, Lord, by Don Moen – Thanksgiving Worship Songs


3. Little Pilgrim – Thanksgiving Songs For Preschool


4. Gobble Gobble – Thanksgiving Turkey Song


5. Five Little Turkeys – Thanksgiving Preschool Songs


6. A Turkey Dance – Songs of Thanksgiving


7. Turkey Hokey Pokey – Thanksgiving Songs For Toddlers


8. Funny Thanksgiving Song – History of Thanksgiving


9. Dirty Bird – Children’s Thanksgiving Songs


10. Do The Turkey Hop or Turkey Hop Song – Preschool Thanksgiving Songs


Songs About Thanksgiving | Songs For Thanksgiving | Songs of Thanksgiving

You are able to download and share these songs about Thanksgiving on free of cost. If you want to share these happy Thanksgiving songs to your friends, brother, sister, relatives or someone special then you can do that by using social share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp. You can also share your favorite song in the comments below. We love to hear from our readers. Those who do not have any song, for them we have arranged the list of Thanksgiving song on this web page. As with the whole site, this is a work in progress and we’ll be adding songs regularly, so check back often. If we’ve left out some of your favorites, please contact us and we will add them to our list. You might also find the links listed under for more stuff on the Thanksgiving Day, It will be helpful for you. Happy Thanksgiving 2019 !!


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